Thursday, July 31, 2014

Staying active!

One of the things that I know I've learned over the years is how important it is to stay active.

When I was 22 I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. One of the things I remember that the Dr told me was use it or lose it. Keep moving or you will lose the ability to move easily. Build up the muscle around the joints to help cope.

Well I have to say that I think I'm pretty active and I believe it's definitely kept my arthritis at bay.

This morning I went on a 45 minute walk and this afternoon I went on a 55 minute bike ride :) No keeping this old gal down!!

I also made the yummiest salad for lunch! I saw a recipe from Nom Nom Paleo where she used arugula and extra oil. I changed it up a bit. I used mixed salad greens, prosciutto wrapped around fresh peach slices then put into a hot pan to slightly brown the prosciutto and topped pc Memories of Thailand sweet spicy sauce. Oh my I will be making this again. Sweet, spicy and salty :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another good day

I managed to get a walk and a bike ride in before the rain poured down!

Food was totally satisfying.

I've drank 11 cups of water so far.

Now I'm watching Noah with a glass of red wine!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Waving hi!

Despite not blogging for the last few days I've been doing great. Just busy.

No blogging mojo lately.

Thankfully with my knee brace on I've been able to walk more.

I've also bought new running shoes and work shoes in the hope that they will also help my knee.

Hope everything is going well with you!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


That's the only way to describe today! Hot!

I did manage to go on a 40 minute walk and a 20 minute bike ride but I was definitely a sweaty mess :) This was Snuffy waiting for me when I got home.

Tomorrow we're going to Midland for a boat cruise. Lots of pictures I'm sure.

Monday, July 21, 2014

I'm just a walking fool!

I didn't plan on walking as much as I did today but I ended up walking for over 2 hours!! My knee although not 100% held up pretty good.

I was so busy today that I really didn't have time to sit down and have lunch so when I was shopping I grabbed some turkey jerky and a big plum :) Hit the spot!

This weeks goals:

  • Slow down eating: tell the truth by the time I did eat going slowly flew right out the window
  • To walk 3 days this week: today was 1/3
  • To lose 1 lb: not the end of the week yet!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weigh in day and goal update

I was very happy to see a loss on the scale this week. I didn't get much exercise in at all but I did make sure to drink my water and stick to my planned foods.

This week I'm down -1.4 lbs.

Last weeks goals:
Drink 8 cups of water/day: Accomplished every day!
Lift weights 3 days: Done!
Find new recipes: Done! I found a mustard vinaigrette dressing and I have several new recipes that I've found that I'll be trying soon.

This weeks goals:
Slow down when I'm eating and enjoy it.
Walk 3 days.
Lose 1 lb.

I will definitely be taking it easy if I have to for my knee but right now it feels back to normal :)