Monday, June 23, 2008

20 things you may not know about me

1. Born in Bournemouth, England
2. I talk to myself all the time ;)
3. I have mild narcolepsy
4. Love to read
5. Love to go on long walk through the woods
6. I am the most unorganized person i know (well next to my daughter maybe)
7. Love to cook
8. 5' 0" tall
9. Have my nose pierced
10. Definitely a people person
11. Love jeans and that's usually what you'll find me in
12. Have a pure black cat named Snuffy short for Mr Snuffalufagus from sesame street
13. Enjoy a glass of wine
14. Used to love to play volleyball in highschool
15. 2nd toe is longer on both feet
16. Favorite colour is blue
17. Would eat seafood 7 days a week
18. Love to travel and may be going to the netherlands in the next year or so :)
19. Raised as an only child
20. Supervisor in a donut/coffee shop


  1. "1. Born in Bournemouth, England"


    But I still live in England -- I am guessing from your profile that you are a US weight loss blogger, although I cannot see a "View my whole profile" link with area info.

    How long did you stay in England? Or were you born here while your mother was visiting and went into labour?

    Best wishes,

  2. No i lived in england until i was 13 then moved to canada and i'm still here ;) My mom and step sister still live in Bristol and i'm hoping to be able to see them in the next year or so!!

  3. It's fun to learn more about our blogger buds. Thanks for sharing.