Thursday, June 19, 2008

Found some

Yep i dug around in my books collecting dust and i found a book, tank top, bikini belly, boy shorts bottom (i know the name sounds bad) but i bought it because someone else reviewed it and said it had awesome workouts in it! This was obviously before i lost my memory and didn't remember i had it. Anyway after looking through it i'm going to give some of the workouts a whirl there are ones from beginner on up and of course you can pick and choose what you want. What i like most though is that is has really good descriptions of all the exercises how to do them at home and how to add to make them a little harder.
So today i did the first one:
squats with light weights
leg lifts
chest press
front raise
becep curls
~~Not bad since i started TOM today~~

1 comment:

  1. not bad at ALL!!

    are lunges coming? tricep dips?

    give me a holler if you need some ideas!