Saturday, June 14, 2008

going for a walk....

Today i've been invited to go for a talk and walk ;) I'm going to a talk by an expert in walking for fitness at city hall, after he's going to take us for a 5km walk!! Fun, fun, fun. The only downside to all of this is that i have to go to work after. I managed to get someone to work for the first 3 hours but since i'm a supervisor i couldn't find another one who wanted to take the whole shift :(

Last night i caved in and tried a new donut at work!! I know i'm not perfect and these things are going to happen now and again. However, this morning i got up and thought about what i could cram into my mouth and i honestly stopped and thought you know this is insane. I am responsible for what i do and what i put into my mouth. How much do i truly want to be healthy and lost weight?? I actually chuckled and went in the cupboard to find the oatmeal and then went to the fridge to put some gorgeous fresh blueberries with it!! I just finished a really nice breakfast that i truly enjoyed and that i know will stick with me when i'm walking today and i'm once again feeling truly good about myself!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Never knew how many carbs were actually in the Fiber One Bars until someone mentioned it on my blog. 29g of wonder I carve them and love them.

    Good luck on the journey, WW is a great program.

  2. I love oatmeal for breakfast. Those little decisions are what make the big difference!

  3. Thanks for dropping by guys, i love knowing that someone is actually reading it ;)

  4. SO FUN

    I cant wait to hear how this was.

    (and kudos on the thought process this morning. BIG STRIDE)

  5. Now, one more try - Just got home from my 90 minute walk. Stops for Starbucks and groceries. Hope you are having a great OP day.

    Kathie R in CA

  6. Yikes, you work in a donut shop! It'll be all the more impressive when you lose weight.