Friday, June 20, 2008

A good decision

Yesterday that TOM came and it came on strong :) Sorry to those who are sensitive! Anyway i was having a great day i ate very healthy, i did a weight routine and enjoyed it and then i went to work.
All was going well until i ate dinner. It was a really nice but afterwards i still felt i need something more! Well i'm surrounded by chocolate danishes, croissants, tea biscuits, cookies, donuts etc.. What to do what to do?? I decided i needed something that would make me feel full without sugar or too much fat so i decided on whole wheat bun with a tad of whipped butter. And after i was absolutely satisfied, and my stomach was still good (which doesn't always happen after i have sugar). So all in all a great day.
Today i'm off on another walk focusing on speed!! We'll see how i feel after that ;)


  1. Kudos on the will power, escpecially with TOM around! Sweets are my weakness, especially while hormonally challenged! =)

  2. I know how hard that is, great job! You can do it - all in our decisions.

  3. This is so key! Taking a moment to mindfully consider what little something will "scratch the itch" was a great NSV! Way to go!