Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I have a plan

I'm going to an annual general meeting tonight and since they have the same food every year, and it's not exactly the healthiest, i've made a plan of what i'm going to have.
Now that's done i just plan on enjoying myself ;)

I'm also doing my weight training today and here's my plan:
1. step ups
2. hip extensions
3. knee heel tap
4. push ups
5. hammer curls
6. double leg lifts

Oh and i'm taking photos of the food i eat, on the off chance anyone wants a peek take a look at spunkysuzi-mydailynosh.com
Maybe i'll get a chance to take a picture of my food the AGM tonight ;) Although i might feel a bit weird doing that!!

What are your plans for today??


  1. I love food porn! Buy I need you to add me, I guess. What info do you need from me?

    Awesome plan today. The food at those events is never really that great, and I always feel such remorse afterwards, so it's great that you are not going down that road.

    Today, I plan on eating 100% core, and I am also doing water aerobics tonight! Yeehaw!

  2. I did some strength training earlier today and plan on doing some sort of cardio later tonight.