Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm confused!!

Okay i do really like following the weight watchers plan. I find the point system relatively easy. But today is my splurge day and i don't mind using the extra points on a really nice meal. So i've figure out i've splurged a little of points today no problem, but when i go to put it into sparkpeople it's showing even with the extra bits of food today my total calorie level is 1,169 and that's with wine!! Yet supposedly i've used 26.5 points today.
Now this has me wondering am i not eating enough?? I've always thought 1,200 was a good number of calories to shoot for daily. And since i do exercise and lead a pretty active life i don't mind going over that a bit one day a week.
Does anyone do weight watchers and have you ever calculated the calories your eating?
I think for now i'll try reaching for 1,200 cals a day and see how this week goes.


  1. I'm not on WW, but for reference, I shoot for 1500-1700 calories a day, which is what my every day foods seem to work out to, so I'm pretty lucky in that regard. (Just don't wave any cute little cookies in front of me.) I don't track precisely, anymore, but I suspect that some days I'm a little under, some days a little over. That seems to be working for about 5-7 lbs per month.

  2. That is really strange. Generally, a point is equal to 50 calories, so 26.5 points should be around 1,325 calories. Are you overestimating your points based on your serving sizes? Either way, if you are satisfied, don't eat just to meet a calorie target. On the other hand, if you are not satisfied, try supplementing with foods that have a high energy density, like more fruits and veggies.

    Keep us posted!

  3. This has been my main concern with WW's for years. If I don't count my calories and points, I found I don't eat enough and thus enter that "starvation" mode.

    I try and count calories most of the time, but do occasionally go to points.

    I think staying above 1300 is good and I aim at 1400-1600 calories a day with exercise!

  4. I dont represent WW (I know. shocking huh? :)) but IMO 1200 is far too low.

    I wont ramble here but email me if you want more of my opinion.

    Id say 1500 is the rock bottom.


  5. WW here. The range of a point is SO huge. You can eat something with 15 calories and lots of fat and it's 1 point. You can eat something with 120 calories and loads of fiber and it's 1 point. WW is a great tool, but whatever you are comfortable with is what will work.

  6. The last commenter pretty much pointed out the flaw/strength of points.

    WW punishes fat and favors fiber, so if something has fat--regardless of the cal count--it will have more points than something that is fat free.

    Although it IS good to eat fiver and reduce fat, calories DO count!

    Haven't you noticed the "free" foods? If you load up on them, you could really add a bunch of calories--yet, they do not count at all.