Wednesday, June 18, 2008

just one more thing

to have to worry about. I was reading an article this morning on sweetners on the pros and the cons. Now don't get me wrong i know they're not good for you and in fact they're probably bad for you. However, i admit i use them all the time. The way i see it i'm trying to work on eating the healthiest i can. I exercise, i try to eliminate bad foods for the most part. I do binge but i'm working on that. However my last stand is my use of sweetners. In the future i see myself trying to wean off of them, but for now they are here to stay. What's your feeling about them??
Today i'm going out on my first planned 5 km walk by myself and it involves hills ;) I'm sure i'll be feeling every muscle in the legs tomorrow!!


  1. I have to admit it also...I sneak a sweetener for my coffee once in awhile.:)

  2. oh, there's always something to worry about.

    Good luck on your walk today!

  3. I am a sweetner junkie!! Sad, but true. Sugar just has waaaay to may calories at this point of my weight loss. I am actually trying to eat more organic foods. You may want to try Stevia. Its a natural substitute. Or even Sugar in the Raw if you aren't too concerned with the calories.

  4. ahhhh the sweeteners.

    Im trying...



  5. Obviously we're better off going purely natural foods, but some of us need transition time. :) If using them keeps us on the 'path to healthy', then I don't have any problems with sweeteners.

  6. I too keep using artificial sweetner on my bran cereal and drink a lot of zero calorie apple squash (zero calorie due to sweetners of course).

    It is difficult to get the balance right, of wanting to restrict calories but wanting to be healthy at the same time.

    A tough one, for sure.

  7. Everyone has a right to make their own decisions about what to eat and drink, but I'm really against all this fear mongering about artificial sweeteners. It's this "the scientists are out to get us" thing that I really disagree with.

    Personally, I don't believe there's anything unsafe about them whatsoever.