Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A pretty good day

All in all a pretty good day!! I managed to wiggle out of an everything you can eat buffet where i was stuffing envelopes by saying i already had cooked salmon and salad waiting for me at home. As i was saying that my stomach was growling like no man's business ;) Anyway i made it home and really enjoyed my salad.
I also managed to get a 55 mins walk in and this afternoon hubby got me out on a 30 mins bike ride so today i've already got in an hour and 25 mins of exercise!! Tomorrow i'm going to be doing a weight routine before i go to work. I'm really trying to shake things up.
I really like seeing pictures of what people eat. I'm wondering if i should start taking pictures of what i eat. Which would be fine until my daughter leaves for holland in november but then i'd need to buy a digital camera. Might be fun though!!


  1. Goodness, you're more than shaking things up--you're turning them upside down. LOL Excellent exercise day, and kudos on withstanding the allure of the AYCE buffet.

    Wouldn't a digital camera of your very own make a nice reward for later in the year? :)

    (Thanks for stopping by my blog with such a nice comment!)

  2. yep that's my thought. Camera here i come ;)