Monday, June 16, 2008

Really i am going !!

Sometimes i just need a kick in the butt ;) I was invited to join a walking group when they practice on Mondays. I know it will be fun and a great way to meet other walkers. That being said i was ready, willing and able to go. Now i knew i had a meeting shortly after so i phoned that person and arranged to meet her near where i'm going walking. Last night for some strange reason i'm thinking should i go or maybe i should just enjoy a day off of work. When i suddenly remembered i'd arranged to meet that other person after the walk so i had no choice i have to go!!
Now i'm happy that i did that or i may have waffled enough to not go and i think i would have missed out on a nice opportunity to get some exercise in weekly while meeting other people ;)
It's funny how losing weight and being healthy had so much to do with the mind.
Just one other thing i have to work on!!


  1. Hey, you can just comment on the post..with your name, blog name, blog url and today's weight and I will add you :)

  2. gogogogogogogogogo.


    if youre in my 'hood stop in, say hey, and watch the MONDAY FACETIME VIDEO on Theres Not Trying Only DOing.

    life is one big mind game huh?


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is my first visit to yours.

    Good job on keeping the commitment to go walking. Having a group to go with can be so much fun.

    I'm hosting a walking challenge in should join in my bag of fun!

  4. Wow I really wish there was a walking group around here! So you should take advantage of the one you have!

    (And yeah, I know the story is to start one - I've actually tried. People around here don't want to exercise. Gah!)

  5. Way to go on the walking! You're right: it is all a mind game, and we have the power to control it!

  6. I get a lot of walking in....Dogs are good for that! Have fun with your walking group!