Saturday, June 21, 2008

Something to learn

As i contemplate why i'm so up and down with my weight i'm coming to realize a few things. I have a real problem of thinking that when i indulge in something that is above and beyond what i'd planned to eat i feel as though i've thrown in the towel and i may as well just keep eating!! I don't seem to realize that just by eating some fries or a donut and then stopping and continuing doing what i had been doing i really wouldn't have done any damage. However, by continuing this behaviour for the rest of the day or even days or dare i say a week i have a lot of catching up just to get to where i was before!
Over the last few months if i had stopped straight away i'd be weight wise where i want to be, instead i'm back where i was and still trudging forwards! I'm hoping the next time i do this i can just stop. And yes Beth if your working with me feel free to tell me so ;)

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  1. Hi Suzi,
    I do this myself usually but today I went to Applebees, had a burger, counted it and I've moved on. I was still exactly within my need for panic. I had a lower points breakfast and dinner on purpose to be able to fit this in. I love WW because you don't have to cut any foods out if you really want them.
    You seem to be doing quite well with your weight loss. Congratulations.