Sunday, June 22, 2008

weekly weigh in and update on goals

I guess working out does pay off ;) I'm down 4 lbs this week. So my stats are now:
start weight 174.4
current weight 141.4
goal weight 125
BMI 27.6

These are the goals i was working on this week:
1.drink 8 water-done
2.exercise at least 4x a week for at least 40 mins-yep
3.still watch my carb #'s-not as closely this week but i didn't go overboard either on my form when walking-in progress
5. walk on my speed when walking as i have to get ready for the race-in progress

So my goals for next week will be:
1. continue with my weight training as i'm enjoying this
2. still keep an eye on my carb intake and track on fitday
3. keep drinking my water
4. i have a big annual general meeting coming up on tuesday and i've prepared a plan for eating and i really want to stick to it.
5. see if i can shave some minutes off my 5 km walk

All in all i'm really happy with the way things have gone this week. Now i have 4 days off of work and i'm going to enjoy them. Tonight i've planned a special dinner including wine and italian chocolate raspberry ice for dessert. I'm using some of my flex pts i have left this week as today is the last day of my flex pts and i never use them and that's what they are there for. I also don't use any activity points i earn by exercising. I'm going to see how it goes to have one day a week where i splurge a little, but at least it will be a planned splurge. Does anyone else take one day and just relax a little on their food program?? Anyway that's my ramble for today, have a good one!


  1. Great job on meeting your goals! I hope you can shave that time off your walk next week. I love beating my own personal best! Fun!

    I did relax and splurge on Friday, but I had a hard time turning it off yesterday. Don't do what I did! Enjoy your splurge, tough. That's what APs and WPAs are for!

  2. Fantastic week--weight loss wise and effort-wise! :)

    I have a splurge meal once a month, but I've been known to have mini-splurges during the month as long as I stay inside my target calories.

  3. love seeing how you lay your goals OUT THERE

    as if we are all your accountability partners in this journey!


  4. Great job! All that work is paying off.

  5. What a great job you've done - congrats on the weight loss and all the hard work!