Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekly weigh in and update on goals 29/06/08

Well i had to be up at 5 this morning so my weigh in is a little off. And after a big 4 lb loss last week i'm up 2.2 this week. I'm o.k with this as i know it will be off this week!!

Here's what my plan was for this week and how i did:
1. continue with my weight training as i'm enjoying this-did some but not as much as i'd like to do
2. still keep an eye on my carb intake and track on fitday-did this!
3. keep drinking my water-drank my water every day ;)
4. i have a big annual general meeting coming up on tuesday and i've prepared a plan for eating and i really want to stick to it.-stuck to my plan!
5. see if i can shave some minutes off my 5 km walk-shaved 4 mins off this week ;)

This week:
1. try to get more weight training in
2. keep track of carbs and cals on fitday
3. keep drinking at least 8 water a day
4. try to get out for at least 4 walks this week
5. be consistent!!


  1. you had a fantastic week!!

    and define "not as much as youd like to" with regards to the weight training.

    just a time issue?


  2. A decidedly successful week, despite the nefarious scale! Hope this week goes just as well for you!