Sunday, June 15, 2008

weigh in, update on weeks goals

I actually went down this week!! I went down -3.0 lbs. I'm keeping my stats on the right hand side of my blog in case anyone wants to see ;)

As for my goals this week:
1. drink 8 water a day-done
2. exercise at least 4 times this weeks-done and more ;)
3. cut down on the amount of carbs i eat-all but 2 days so i'm happy with this
4. get my hair cut-done
5. stay on plan as much as possible but don't give up if i don't-yeppers i managed to do that!!

This weeks goals will be:
1.drink 8 water
2.exercise at least 4x a week for at least 40 mins
3.still watch my carb #'s on my form when walking
5. walk on my speed when walking as i have to get ready for the race


  1. Well done on your weight loss.

    Are you going to get yourself a progress ticker? There's a narrow option if you want to put it in your sidebar.

  2. Good job on staying on top of your goals!