Friday, June 27, 2008

what's up?

Last night at work was one of the strangest nights! Before work i had energy i did my usual things as well as an upper body workout. I get to work and suddenly it's as though all my energy has been sucked out of me.
I could barely get enough energy to just go about doing the minimum i'm supposed to be doing. I just can't describe how bad it was, if there was a bed i would have laid down and slept!!
And throughout the night i kept thinking about eating. Now i wasn't really hungry i just wanted to eat something, anything. I managed to not give in to that voice and it wasn't that hard to not eat. But i haven't had that voice saying eat, eat, eat in a long time.
Today i'm wondering should i take a day off of exercise and give my body time to rest? Or should i exercise and give my body strength?? I know i need to go grocery shopping today so there's not much time to do too much before work but i'm thinking of going for a short walk before going grocery shopping as this may just charge me up ;)
Any opinions would be welcome.


  1. Hi, Suzi! Thanks for the comment you left me today. I really appreciate your support and encouragement! :)

    I checked out your stats... and it looks like you are doing great so far! Keep up the good work, girl!

    I'm not an expert on exercise by any means, but I have heard that a day of rest, especially after weight training, is great for muscle repair. I would just trust your body. If you feel like your body needs a rest, take a day off from time to time. Chances are you'll have more energy the next day for your workout and daily routine.

  2. A day of rest is a good thing for the body Suzi. Have a great weekend!