Friday, July 18, 2008

And now for an experiment

I wanted to give myself a small sweet treat without going on a binge and without causing major cravings for more sweets ;)
And i don't know whether everyone would understand, but trying this scares me.
So my plan for today is to have a glass of red wine and a small piece of organic chili and spice dark chocolate.
I'm looking forward to this but at the same time i'm a little nervous because i'm not good at control when anything with sugar is involved!
But i've thought this out and in order to continue living a healthy life style i need to start incorporating somethings that i enjoy, or that i may come across, while maintaining some sort of control.
Now i'm not talking brownies/ice cream at the moment because these are definite trigger foods for me (among many others) but i just want to take it one baby step at a time, and see how it goes.
So todays chocolate is organic, dark chocolate that i'm going to take one small bite of at a time and thoroughly enjoy!!
Maybe i'll make this a weekly or bi-weekly thing??? Who knows ;)


  1. It's definitely a good idea to let yourself have "treats" every so often, but is also a good idea to make sure they aren't trigger foods.

    I've learned (It was never a trigger food pre-WW's) that Peanut Butter was a total trigger food for me, and I don't even keep it in the house now!

    My treats now are usually ice cream related, I love ice cream, and I can keep it around without it "calling to me".

    Hope your treat went well and you enjoyed it!

  2. I need a treat built in or else I'm not going to be able to stick it out for the long run.
    I do well with dark chocolate. I eat it very slowly to savour all the taste. Milk chocolate is another story. You know the Cadbury Thins? I tried bringing in a box of them. Disaster. Buying one at a time, though, I'm ok.
    Cakes, cookies. No dice. I can't have them in the house OR outside. I'll want cakes for weeks if I do.
    I had a kiddie cone at the park and I was ok. Yesterday I bought a box (Costco) of 100 calorie ice cream treats. I planned for a few of them but ended up eating 5 altogether (but not at once)I counted all the points & was still within my range. Today I'm fine.
    The tricks I'm learning are to not feel guilty, to plan a splurge, enjoy it & move on to the next meal.
    If it doesn't work, remember don't feel bad. You'll be ok. You'll just know that that particular food isn't appropriate right now.
    Good luck with this!

  3. I also want to say that I do better when I have my treat with a meal.

  4. I completely understand what you mean and I try to avoid my trigger foods (doritos and chocolate). But I do allow myself one small treat everyday, because if I don't, I binge. Right now my favorite treat is smores. If I only have one it's 145 calories, 13.25 grams of sugar, and 4.75 grams of fat; for a snack that's not too bad and I can cut back on something else. I also now that night time is my favorite time to binge, but if I have my treat then I'm less likely to go overboard. Skinny cow ice cream bars are also a great way to go without over doing.
    Most importantly though is to continue to listen to your body; you'll make mistakes along the way, but just keep up the good work :D