Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've been tagged!!!

This is the first time i've been tagged so i've got to do it :) Here goes:

5 Things in your bag:

1. Lubriderm hand cream
2. burts beeslip balm
3. cool delight pomegranate/blueberry water bottle thingie (like crystal light)
4. camera ;)
5. weight watchers calculator

5 Things in your bedroom:

1. new mattress and boxspring
2. teddy bear hubby gave me for valentines day
3. duck lamp my son gave me for christmas
4. fan
5. candles

5 Things I have always wanted:

1. catch up to my finances
2. to be healthy be stress free
4. to see my children happy (so far, so good)
5. to tell people exactly what i think :)

5 Things i'm really into:

1. eating healthy
2. reading
3. cooking
4. vegging around the house
5. blogging ;)

5 people i'll tag: Feel free not to ;)

1. baglady
2. shanna
3. tb
he may not have a bag but he may have a backpack ;)
4. cara
5. cammy
6. katschi

Hope you have fun with this!!


  1. Cool, I'll totally do this!

    So, I was thinking about you today when I spilled my coffee all over my white blouse. Told ya', it's just about an every day occurance with me!

  2. Bag?? My wife doesn't even have a bag! Oh, how I love Meme's! I'll work on it.