Thursday, July 17, 2008

On my walk today...

I'm so glad i decided to go! Unfortunately i haven't seen the deer or the snakes or the beautiful woodpecker that i saw before i had a camera but they'll be there one of these days ;) And yes it was hot!!


  1. you have got the best scenery for your walk.....lucky you! One afternoon, I will take my camera along so you can see our cornfields and flat Kansas land ;)

    I just noticed your occupation has you working in a coffee donut shop. Is that really hard for you avoiding those kinds of temptations? I am not sure I could have the will power ;) Haven't had a donut in forever.....!!

  2. Suzi, I love seeing where other people go walking. I was posting pics of my walks in the winter but then I got sick & stopped.
    I posted a pic today of a park I like to go to. I didn't walk though (my foot is still mending)
    I REALLY miss walking. I try to walk in the nicest places possible.
    I think that's a mourning cloak butterfly, yes?