Friday, July 25, 2008


I'm a little annoyed with myself this morning! You see i like to plan my menus so that i know what i'm eating and when. So that when i go grocery shopping i have a list and as long as i don't forget anything on that list i'm good to go for the week.
It also helps me to eat healthier, as i can see in advance if i'm having a low protein day, i try to put some extra protein in to help me out ;) etc.
Anyway this morning was grocery day and for some reason i haven't planned my menus.
So while i'm in the grocery store i really felt quite lost, i wasn't sure what we were low on, i wasn't sure what i was having next week. I'm really not used to this feeling and i just shook my head and hopefully picked up what would carry me through.
I'm sure by monday i'll be back in the grocery store picking up things i've forgotten ;(
So guess what my plan is for Monday? I'm sitting down with pen and paper and planning the next couple of weeks. Then i can relax and let the week go by smoothly ;)


  1. I tend to be an aimless wanderer in the grocery store, but I'm getting better. I have starting making lists now. If only I could remember to bring them with me! =) Guess thats why I am at the store almost every other day picking up another forgotten item. *sigh

  2. Planning ahead makes such a difference when shopping!

    Good luck with your leg. I've been having pain in my left knee and right hip (I'm too young to be falling apart!) and may have to break down and visit the doctor.

    Have a super weekend :)

  3. I'm so OCD when it comes to my grocery lists, I can't go shopping without one!

  4. I know just how you feel. The last couple of weeks were sort of unplannable so I was really out of whack at the grocery store. This week's return to normalcy and planning was so welcome! I've got next week to plan for as well, so I'm going to take a look at some recipe ideas to plan out a list :)

    Planning is super important to me because I really just don't have the money for the waste that occurs after aimless shopping.

  5. that is so me! I feel completely out of it without a list when I am the one doing the shopping.

    I plan my meals every Friday night for the upcoming week and hubby shops my list on the weekend so I won't be tempted by cookies at the store :) I am lucky to have a hubby who likes to shop.

  6. I try to bring a list with me when I go shopping otherwise I'll forget the ONE thing I went in for.
    I don't plan my menus in advance but my fridge & freezer are usually stocked with the usual food I eat. I live alone & don't have to prepare food for anyone but myself so I guess it's easier for me not to plan than someone with a family to feed.

  7. I'm fortunate in that I have a grocery store a couple of blocks from my house, so if I run out of something, I can just hop over there and pick it up. I don't cook that much, but I have to have veggies and fruits on hand or I hit the splurge-y snacks too much. :)

  8. I mat the grocery FAR TOO OFTEN (that's what she said ;)) and if I planned as you are going to I mightcould avoid that.


    Im gonna cheer YOU on first.