Saturday, July 26, 2008

putting this week behind me

I have to decided to not focus too much on this last week! It's over and i'm going to put it behind me. It was definitely not my finest hour ;(
For the record my weigh in was 142.4 which is up +.6

These were my goals for last week:
1. walk at least 4 times again!!-walked 2 times
2. get two weight routines in and plan them in advance.-yes i actually managed to do this, i also did my 3 days of push up challenges ;)
3. drink my water because it's really hot.-drank my water 5 days this week
4. once again keep track of my eating, enjoy it and don't sweat the small stuff!-i missed some days journaling, i know i ate out of control a couple of times, and i could have stopped doing this a lot earlier than i finally did
5. Take time to smell the roses ;)
-most days i did but i'd like to do it more often ;)

However, today is the beginning of a new week and yes i'm kicking this ass into high gear ;) So this is my plan for this week:

1. keep track and journal no matter what, the good the bad or the ugly.
2. drink my water
3. do my weights as i'm really enjoying them ;)
4. stay with the push up challenge
5. walk 4 days this week and explore new routes.
6. And yes, stop and smell the roses along the way. And don't forget to give myself a pat on the back when i do need it ;)


  1. Great entry and thanks for your comment! We can do this and have a great week!

  2. Great entry. I love it when people review the goals they set (even when the outcome isn't as good as we had hoped) and set some new goals.

    I think you did great, and being up only .6 is no big deal, that will be gone in no time...drop in the hat!

    And your goals look great, and very doable this week, you go girl!

  3. Your week doesn't look bad. Was it the binge after the BBQ? This is probably much better than before you started.
    I like your goal of exploring new routes...I like to do the same.
    Here's a pat on the back for you now...pat, pat, pat!

  4. Not a bad week at all! A bump here, a bump there, but all things considered, you did a lot of things right!