Thursday, July 24, 2008


Today i have an appointment with my Dr. regarding my right calve, so that should be interesting.
Today i work 3-11 ;( and i will not eat any junk at work
Today i will walk to the dr and take the long way home ;)
Today i am on plan!!
Today i feel strong.
Today i could conquer the world!
Today i'm at peace with my journey in life ;)


  1. Go Suzi! Go Suzi! Go Suzi!
    Did I miss something about your calf? Did you injure it?

  2. Love the picture of the very intelligent looking cat -- is he going to tackle that paperwork under the cup for you? ;-)

    Hip, hip for today!

  3. Your kitty doesn't look very impressed, but I am!! =) Go conquer the world, girl! (while your cat continues making his plans for total world domination)

    Love the cat pic!!

  4. Hey, how did you get a picture of my kitty? :)

  5. Your on top of the world girlie!