Monday, July 21, 2008

Where i've been today.....

Well i did get my 5 km in and i did it in a new personal best time ;) 46.49 mins!! And along the way i took photos of where i stopped to eat. And i couldn't resist the squirrel!


  1. fabulous pics.........I am SOOOOO jealous.....I have only walked down the street 5 blocks in 90 degree awful humidity to see my sis :)

  2. It must make it easier to walk the 5k when you're walking in such beautiful surroundings.
    That squirrel was quite a poser, eh?
    Love the lily and the water & the old mill.
    Gorgeous pics!
    Congratulations on your new time. That's great!

  3. Great job on getting in the 5k!

    And great pics!

  4. Great time, great pics, great day! Way to go!