Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another update ;)

I don't want to get too boring here but i really do want to be accountable this week!

I was a little worried because it's the weekend for me and sometimes i tend to go overboard. One thing that helped was the fact that i had a plan ;) I knew what i was going to eat and i was definitely going to enjoy it!! And that i did.

Also went and got my hair cut which is always a boost.

Tried Mizfit's lunges now that was a laugh ;) They rock!!

I really think the staying away from the "white" stuff, flour etc, helps me with my cravings i didn't have any again yesterday.
And i'm really thinking about checking out pilates. It sounds like a very smart way to exercise. Not that i don't love what i do but i looove variety ;)

This morning it's off on my bike to the dentist for a check up. Update: No cavities ;)


  1. I have a problem on the weekends as well. I think its the lack of routine that gets me.

  2. Weekends are tough! I am going to check out pilates as well! good job...no cavities! :)

  3. weekends ARE tough! I have heard awesome things about pilates. Staying away from hidden sugars in the whites really does help ;) Have a great day.

  4. White flour is my biggest weakness. I think simply staying away from it altogether really helps me too.

  5. I vaguely recall reading somewhere that there have actually been studies about the 'white' stuff and it's tendency to make us want to eat more and crave more! You are walking proof!

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Pilates is amazing. The stuff WORKS, and even without losing a pound, you'll see your body changing fast if you do it every other day (or 3x a week).

    Take a class with a trained, certified, experienced Pilates instructor (or better, private lessons). It's hard, but it is effective. When you see the changes, it makes you want to keep going.

    I would not recommend the DVDs until you ahve some actual hands-on experience with a pro--then you'll have the "zip and scoop" right, the breathing, etc. The DVD is great after you get the basics with pros.

    Happy week to you!

    The P

  7. sounds great! I love pilates..definitely has helped me look a lot slimmer even though I still have all this skin from before the 50 pounds. I think youll like it!

  8. Weekends are my weakness too. Pilates is awesome!!! Very easy on the joints but great for the core and muscles. Going a few days without the white stuff will definitely break your cravings. I need to give Miz's lunges a try this evening too!

  9. Thanks everyone for the great imput and comments!

  10. hey!
    today is my backtopilatesday too.

    great minds.
    and here's to your being sore this morning? a little? in a good way? from the lungin'?


  11. Weekends are a huge challenge- you are not alone. Good for you for having a plan- that's so important!

    As for pilates, I'm going tonight and was just thinking this morning that I need to blog about how much I love it! Go for it!!!