Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to work and questions

For some reason today i'm tired! My muscles are aching and i'm not feeling energetic like i usually do. So i'm taking time off for today. After all i'm still going to be working on my feet for 8 hours later ;)

Just realized i have a baby shower to go to saturday, any have any suggestions on nice but pretty cheap gifts??

Another question! Boy i'm just full of them this morning ;)

I find that it's costing me more and more lately to eat well. Any tips on eating well without blowing the budget which i've been doing for the last few months??

And is it just me or my imagination but it seems that every time i turn around i see reduce your carbs to this or you need more carbs for that or this is the best way to see your weight going down???? Honestly i get so confused!! Last night i was actually reading a low carb book and in the end i put it down and decided to just keep doing what's working for me!! But when i see these things, first thing i think of is, oh if i do this i'll lose weight even faster! No matter that i wouldn't be able to keep it up.

Anyway that's my rant for today ;) Any help with the questions would be appreciated!!


  1. i used to have a standard baby shower bag that would contain: a nice, fleece blanket, a cute outfit, a nice picture frame, maybe a toy, and a disposable camera... granted, the camera thing is outdate now since everyone has digital ones but it was always a hit... target has some GREAT baby stuff so check out what they have and i'm sure you'll find something perfect! :o)

  2. What sorts of spending have you been doing? I could give advice that would be totally useless without knowing how you normally spend, and things like that.

    I'm with you on the carb thing. I personally go for moderation. I avoid the obviously bad carbs (white bread and the ilk...funny how most of the "bad" carbs are often accompanied by sugar?) and try to limit my intake of them to the morning, when I have time during the day to kinda burn off what I need from them.


  3. I think its best to just stick with what works for you. sure there are some tips and tricks that anyone can try, but in general, try them and see what works for you. and it is extreme, like cutting out a food group or something like that, then I say its not worth it! you cant live the rest of your life cutting something out that does have benefits for your body. And I isnt cheap to eat healthy, but if you can cut out the other stuff you used to buy but dont need to like chips and other processed foods and focus on buying the healthy things like fresh fruits and veggies one a week, you can buy the other stuff in bulk at some discount stores (chicken,etc).

  4. I'm finally discovering that the list of food on WW Core is both a great source for what carbs are best for us but also how to eat well on a limited food budget. Using the basic ingredients to cook and prepare foods is always cheaper than buying the prepared dinners and such. I buy a lot of my canned and frozen fruits and vegetables at Aldi's. They also have a lot of low-fat and sugar foods in their "Fit" line.

  5. Sorry your not feeling good. Hope you feel better.

    As far as cheap you could make a diaper cake? I am not completely sure how you make it but I'm sure you could look them up online.

    Eating well is expensive. Coupons...are good.

  6. I know what you mean about eating healthy costing more but if you try to stay away from boxes and packages it usually helps. Oats are cheap, pb is a cheap protein, tuna, veggies aren't too bad. Eggs? Cheap gift? Maybe a box of green tea for mom with a mug from the dollar store and a cd of classical music for baby (usually can get them for about $5 if you look around). We still use the same classical music cd for our twins who are almost 2 that we got at their shower. They hear it and go right to sleep. Clothes get small fast but the cd will stick around forever :)

  7. Cheap gift- Coupon for a free night of babysitting? What mom wouldn't want that and you get some cute baby time. I can nver resist buying the cute lil outfits though. Super soft blankie's are always good.
    Cheap food- I have always noticed that healthier foods are more expensive. I try to buy at Costco when I can, especially for my chicken.
    No carbs?- I think carbs = energy. When I went without carbs, I lacked energy. Stick with the good carbs though of browns, whole wheats, and fruits and veggies are carbs too.

  8. I know how you feel about the carbs thing, and agree that if you know you can't maintain something for life, it's not worth wasting time on! I tried to do < 20g carbs for one day once, and I felt like I was going to die by the end of the day, so I quit. It wasn't a matter of will power, it was a matter of me tossing my (figurative) cookies or not.

    I will say that I have been trying to get more protein in my diet, but that particular change is more about building up the muscles than reducing the fat.

    I'm a pretty firm believer in the calorie = calorie thing. If what you're eating keeps you eating the fewest calories while 1) full and 2) getting your nutrients (a balance, you know?), you're *golden.* For me, foods that keep me satisfied are fruits and veggies with a smattering of everything else. But it could be something totally different for you. Do what makes you happy and successful. You're doing great! :)