Friday, August 22, 2008


Well last night i got off of work early because it was sooooo quiet. It was my choice.

After being home for a while i got bored and hit the refridgerator. It was my choice.

I definitely chose foods that are not in the best interest of my health. It was my choice.

Today i'm taking it one day at a time. I'm eating for my health just for today. It is my choice.

I make little choices every day, sometimes good ones, occasionally bad ones! My main problem as i see it is that i like to look ahead, see where i'll be in a week, in a month. I need to stop this and just live for today. Tomorrow's another day, and i can worry about tomorrow!!

Choices, it all comes down to that. Today i choose to look after me ;)

Have a great weekend!!


  1. We all make choices that aren't so wise sometimes, but I think the more important thing to look at is our trend over time. 95% of the time are we making good choices? If that's the case, we're winning the battle!

  2. It is all our choices but the good thing about you is that you realize that. It's so easy to make excuses or blame others or other things. It is up to us, you recognize that, and you will make better choices today!

  3. I do that, too, look ahead too much sometimes. I keep wishing that when that day gets here, when I'm the thinner me, that I will not have to think about food anymore. Just make good choices and pray it will be easier!

  4. nobody can be "perfect" 100 percent of the time ;) and the times we aren't so perfect are what motivates us to do better the next day. I think we NEED those times :)

  5. im with everyone above.

    no one is perfect all the time or we'd not be HUMAN (we'd be Phelpsian :))

    baby steps and ONE DAY AT A TIME.

    here's to a good weekend,