Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Doctor visit

Well today i'm going for the test on my leg and foot and right after i have an appointment with the vascular surgeon next door! So maybe i'll find out some answers today ;)

Exercise today i have planned an total body workout:
squats with weights
leg lifts
chest press
front raise
bicep curls which i'm going to do less of but with a higher weight
ab work

Then tonight my daughter is once again making those delicious cupcakes ;) A friend liked them so much that he is paying her to make 3 kinds so that he can take them into work!! So tonight we're making the icing. Love mother-daughter time ;)
Tomorrow we bake.

And MizFit just for you i'm trying not to musterbate ;) go with the flow not with the must do's.


  1. Good wishes for the dr's app't!
    Your weight workout looks very well rounded and doable.
    That's terrific that your daughter's getting paid to do something she enjoys! Not too many fingers in the icing now ;)
    lol...musterbation...MizFit kills me ;)

  2. I hope the appt goes well. The cupcake baking sounds so nice. I think cooking together is one of those timeless pleasures..so special. I loves Mizfit's ideas too! Getting ready to get some random acts of kindness in today.........I should try to do it everyday. Have a lovely day!!

  3. Hope the doctor's appointment goes well. Good job on the total body work out.

  4. Good luck at the docs! And have a great time with your kiddo!

    BTW- Its a good thing I already read MizFit's musterbation post, otherwise I would have thought something kinky was going on here!! =)