Thursday, August 7, 2008


This morning i'm going to a volunteer meeting. Now i know for a fact that i'll get my walk in ;)

How? Well for so long now i get on the bus close to home, then i get off early! Leaves me with a 40 minute walk ;) No choice!

But the funny thing about it is that i'm so used to doing it that it doesn't occur to me to stay on the bus until i get where i need to be. Now that's a habit.
I would love to have other habits that are as normal as that one is to me.

One would be stopping eating when i'm full not when the plate is empty.

Another one would be after indulging in something having the ability to say o.k. that's enough, stop now!

How about getting up and automatically putting my workout clothes on?

Not thinking twice before ordering the healthiest option on the menu!

What habits do you do automatically and which ones would you like to have??


  1. Gosh, I don't even know what habits I automatically have now! ha ha. I do know that I automatically make healthy food and home, I don't even thing to make something fat laden or unhealthy now, never crosses my mind.

    Also, I think exercise is an automatic habit for me now, even if I don't want to go, I do, because I know it will make me feel better and more accomplished when i get home.

  2. I do DO the working out habitually.

    can I say being more loving and kind to my husband even when crankytired?

    I neeeed to work on this one.

  3. Working out is a more books?

  4. I always look for the healthiest choice first. Most of the time I'll opt for that one. I also pass on dessert at our bi-weekly family dinners.

    I'd like to make working out an automatic habit. I guess, that's something to work towards.

  5. I'd like to habitually reach for water first, before Diet Coke.

    Exercise and eating mostly healthy are both habits for me now. Some would call it a rut, and they might be right, but I like living like this. Who would've ever thought it? LOL