Friday, August 8, 2008

I need more hours in my day!!

Oh my, i have so many things i'd like to accomplish today and it's going to be next to impossible to do most of them.
I'd like to go for a loooong walk ;)
I need to pick up some groceries in order to have lunch and dinner for work today.
I have to go to work by 1:30 today.
I really need to clean up the house today.
I would like to start working on my menu plans today.
I'd love to just sit with a cup of tea and read a book.

So what am i going to do??

I'm going on a shortened version of my long walk on the way to the grocery store. Then i'll come home and put it all away while trying to get lunch ready and get ready for work and if there's a few minutes in between i may just sit with a book until it's time to go to work ;)

How's your day going??


  1. I have been up since 3 to a good start! Great job with the walk. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Your very busy! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Leave the house cleaning for last... trust me its not going anywhere! =)

    Hope you have a nice RELAXING weekend!!

  4. I agree w/ shana keep the house cleaning for last.

    Stay sane in all your busy-ness and enjoy your walk.

  5. I could use some as well.

    did you do a shortened version of the walk at a FASTER pace??



  6. I am so impressed that you fit in your walk even though you are super busy! An inspiration for sure!!