Monday, August 18, 2008

It was calling my name

Well another week over at work, no more hours surrounded by sugar and oil ;) Last night was a major NSV for me. At the beginning of my shift i found a broken peanut butter cookie, now we are not talking an ordinary peanut butter cookie here. We are talking whole peanuts, peanut chips, peanut butter cookie :)
So I took that broken cookie and put it on the back counter for anyone who wanted to eat it!
All night long i looked at that cookie every time i walked past. And every time i thought you know just a small bit or crumb wouldn't hurt! And no i'm not that bad that i think it will do any damage on the scale. But..... i know me, and a crumb of sugar leads to a whole cookie which will lead to 2 or 3 cookies and these cookies are 7 pts each!!!!!!!!!
Finally at around 9:00pm someone finally finished it off ;) And it wasn't me ;)
I was very proud of myself as sugar is my major downfall!!

Today i'm doing my push up challenge:
min 30
Now i know i do the girlie ones but i honestly don't know whether i can do this, although if i do the rest of the weeks ones don't look as hard ;) So get through this and i can sail through the rest of the week.

I'm also going to my walking group and i'm going to time myself on the track to see how fast my 5km is. Depending on how my leg feels ;(

However, when i get home i'm going to sit outside in our new patio furniture with a beer and relax with the hubs!! Then we're barbecuing, fun, fun, fun!!!

Hope everyone has a great day ;)


  1. You are doing awesome with those pushups - I had to drop out of it because of the training for the race (I just couldn't keep up and fell out of it...), but want to restart.

    And major NSV there - I am also a sugaraholic, so can empathize with the cookie dilemma.


  2. I KNOW how good those PB cookies are...personal experience eating several of them ;) Congratulations on this NSV! Sugar is my nemesis too!
    You're really doing well on the pushup challenge...don't take away from the effort it takes to do the modified ones. This is great!
    There's something about hanging out outside and relaxing...ahhhh. I've been eating alot of meals out on the patio lately in the fresh air under bright blue skies.

  3. Good job on not eating the cookie. Sounds like a nice day. Have a good day.

  4. Good for you on forgoing the cookie! I'm not sure I could have ~ love PB cookies!

    Hope you have a super time barbecuing tonight. Sounds like fun!

  5. Way to stay strong...good job with the push ups!

  6. Keep it up girl you are rockin those push ups. I hate when those sugary things call for us. Out of sight out of mind they say, but when it's somehing that powerful just know it's there can be torture. Great job resisting and knowing your trigger foods!

  7. Good luck on those push-ups... be strong.

    And have a nice time BBQ-ing. imli

  8. It's like a Siren's song, isn't it? Good for you, ignoring it!

  9. congrats on the NSV! that is definitely a challenging one and you did it!

  10. Oooh, PB cookies are evil! Congrats to you for staring it down. :)

  11. Way to go! The cookie was probably stale, anyway!

  12. how were the BENT KNEE pushups?

    Im so burnt out on them :)

    and kudos on the big NSV with the cookie.

    that's huge.

  13. I'm pretty sure I would have cracked with the cookie - good for you!!