Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's catching

So i get on the computer this morning and i starting reading the blogs i usually read daily and one really catches my eye. Why?? Because Katschi was talking about being bored!

I'm definitely getting there today!! I don't feel that energy that i'm usually feeling,

I've heard people talk about cycles. As far as losing weight and exercising goes, they say that first you have the hunger and the incredible want to do it. Then they talk about getting into a kind of hump phase.

Well i think i'm getting into the hump phase. I need to give myself a kick. I'm not sure how i'm going to do it.

Does anyone else get that bored, kind of "whatever" mood?? How do you deal with it?
Don't get me wrong i'm not giving up or giving in. I just want to get a bit more oomph into it ;) Maybe challenge myself to to do more! Do things i don't usually do?


  1. Do 20 pushups...still unmotivated? Do 20 jumping jacks...nothing? 20 squats...any energy yet? Guess what? Your workout has already begun:).

  2. I agree with getting bored. And you do go through different stages. I think challenging your self is a great way. You know say you want to lose this much weight by this date or you want to get back into that special pair of pants. It gives you something to look forward too and work hard for.

  3. I would suggest a new workout..maybe a different one every week or even every day! Surprise your muscles. Change your eating up things you normally don't .....try lots of new things. I think it has to do with a long summer. I bet your body is ready for Fall!

    Maybe you need to have a day just for you with hair or nails or even a clothes? Hope it helps ;) to get you out of the boring groove!

  4. Get your sneakers on, put on a tank top and shorts, get pompoms (or mopheads, or hand towels to make do) and standi n the middle of your biggest room in the house and cheerlead yourself. Really, make up some silly chant and cheer yourself over that hump.

    "I am spunky, I am funky, I am Suzi, I am woozy, I can do this, I can jump...Over the hump, Over the hump, OVER THE HUMP!"

    Clearly, it's stupid enough that it might work. :)

    I dare you to try.

    The Princess decrees it!

  5. ...have you got a bicycle?

    you can go farther with the bike than you can with your feet ;)

  6. There are definitely cycles in the weight loss process. Sometimes you just will get bored and unmotivated. Whenever I get bored I try something different or challenging. Sign up for a new fitness class or try a new sport or something. You might find something you love and want to keep doing and at the very least trying something new will help you get a work out in. Switching up what you are doing will keep you interested and help work different parts of your body too... all good things. :)

  7. I got that bored feeling too. Just not motivated to keep on keeping on sometimes. I know it is a phase and will to soon pass.

  8. Hi Suzanne! Know what I did today? Manuela read that I was bored and called to see if I wanted to go shopping in the States. Yes! I do!
    So we went shopping for groceries that we just don't have know, reduced fat things. I bought 1 pt! english muffins, fat-free hash browns, Lean Cuisines & Smart Ones in varieties unavailable here, Fibre One bars in different flavours, dressings...nothing crazy. So that's how I beat my boredom *g*
    I don't know what happened today but I just didn't feel it. I suppose that's normal, eh?

  9. I haven't been bored yet. I do get a little "itchy" from time to time, and that's when I know to try something new!