Sunday, August 10, 2008

I've been thinking...

Well i finally sat down and made an exercise routine for the week with 3 full body weight workouts and 4 walks ;) See how that goes this week!

I also have been thinking that maybe i'm not eating enough points some days. So i'm trying the vamp up my points a bit this week and we'll see how it goes. Since i'll be exercising more it will probably even out.

I'm also trying to not worry so much and go more with the flow ;)

I sometimes wonder if the binge eating comes from the very low calories and i'm wondering if by increasing them it will help cut out the binge eating?

Anyway, since i've been up since 5:30 this morning i'm sitting here half asleep. I'll be back tomorrow ;0)


  1. Our food is our it going! :)

  2. You lost alot of weight this week, so eating more doesn't seem to be hurting your weight loss.
    Reeeelax, baby!
    5:30 is too early ;( Have a good sleep.

  3. Try to eat more and see if it helps with the binge issue. I know that if I am deprived, it is all over!!

  4. I agree with Joy...if I feel deprived, I don't last very long. I feel totally satisfied with what I am eating...I'm just not happy with the rate the weight is coming off.

    Keep can do it!

  5. IMO it totally does.

    your bod rebelling.

    I believe if you increase you'll wanna binge less SS!

  6. Yes, I have wondered the same thing...when I want to binge I wonder if it's because I've been "starving". LOL Othertimes I feel like it's just because I want the pleasure of eating those naughty foods.