Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just another day :)

Well today i spent the morning cleaning a friends house! Lots of exercise ;) And then i was supposed to go to a meeting, however no one bothered to tell me that it had been changed to this morning ;( The person who's is charge is just lucky that i was going to get a ride over, because if i had taken the bus all the way across town to find out that it had already happened i would have been majorly ticked off!!
It must be one of those days because my daughter forgot to change her alarm so she was half an hour late for work!!
So my plan this afternoon is to do some cleaning, do my push up challenge, go to the store for some fresh veggies and relax!

Here's my push ups for today:
at least 20


  1. Glad you got some activity in.

  2. cleaning can be quite a workout. I have often wondered how many calories I burn just doing the home things! The push up challenge killed me today :( but I'm pushing on

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog -- love yours! Your weightloss stats are awesome -- congratulations!

  4. Cleaning is great exercise. I like to listen to music and dance around while I clean. :)

    So did you do over 50 push ups? At once or throughout the day? That's great!