Saturday, August 16, 2008

more weights ;)

Good morning ;)
I was so glad i went on my walk yesterday, the weather was beautiful, the scenery awesome and i felt totally bang on for working out!!

Today's plan is another weight workout, they really seem to be kicking my butt this week (in a good way:)
3x12 squats with 10 lbs
3x15 step ups with 10 lbs
3x15 kneel, heel, taps
3x15 front raises with 10 lbs
3x15 hammer curls with 10 lbs

It's funny at work i was telling them about my leg and they were totally shocked, they couldn't believe that it would happen to me because they think i'm a total health nut ;)
I had a young girl who has diabetes tell me that if it could happen to me she's definitely on the wrong path with her health!

And the stupidest comment i got was from a woman who believes that you're going to get whatever you're going to get whether you have a healthy lifestyle or not so why bother!! #%^(*)*&^

Oh well you just can't change some peoples beliefs! However i will still continue trying to enjoy my life as i get older and i totally believe that the healthier you are the more you enjoy it ;)


  1. Well if you don't bother you will get whatever you're going to get :P

    Some people are very good at believing lies they make up to feel better about themselves, is all.

  2. I agree with Christine, some people pull the wool over their eyes so they can feel better about themselves. Whatever works for them I guess.

  3. My own husband has that attitute and weworks in the medical field. It's kind of frustrating. Can I just give you props on the 10 lb. weights. The 8's kick my butt!! Keep it up girl.

    the ones who say "Im not going to run/whatever. did you hear about the man/woman who ran all the time and DIED YOUNG ANYWAY?"

    ahhh people.

    hope youre having a great day.


  5. Aren't people amazing sometimes? LOL!