Thursday, August 14, 2008

My weight workout today

Here's what i managed to do today i'm posting so that i can go back and see what i've accomplished!!

squats- 3x 12 with 10 lbs(it's obvious to me today that these were what made me sore tuesday ;)
bridges-3x12 with a 10 lb weight
3x12 leg abduction
2x12 lying side bend
3x12 shoulder press with 10 lbs
3x12 tricep kick backs with 10 lbs
3x 12 bicep curls with 10 lbs


  1. Awesome! Keep it going....good for you! A good sore :)

  2. impressive! Building muscle is so cool because you can see the work you have put in :)'s sexy too!

  3. What a great workout!
    I found the 3sets really makes a difference in the soreness factor ;)
    Are you working out at home?


    that new muscle shall SPARK your metabolism.