Thursday, August 14, 2008

reading the labels ;)

So this morning i'm putting in some foods into calorie count plus, so that they're handy to find when i need them.
And i'm putting the nutrtionals for smart ones lasagna florentine. Now don't get me wrong i eat all kinds of foods and as long as i think it fairly healthy i'm good to go! And the other thing is that i don't usually eat frozen dinners but i like having them every now and then ;)
So i'm putting the numbers in and i come across 30 mg of cholesterol!!!
Now this is something i'm especially trying to avoid as i was told that cholesterol is the biggest culprit for the blocked arteries!! And this is in a weight watchers product!
Is 30 mg not that bad??
Have i been eating a lot of cholesterol and not realizing it??
I'm definitely going to be keeping my eyes open when i go grocery shopping.


  1. Eek! I don't know, but I haven't trusted frozen foods in AGES.

    Granted, that because I used to think that hot pockets were healthy.

  2. I don't think 30mg of cholesterol is that bad - I think as long as you're under 200mg for the day you're ok.

    (I had to look up my old Chemistry of Food course notes for you!)