Friday, August 29, 2008

Thought for friday-sodium

Well i've decided to make friday the day i sit down and plan out menu's, go over how the last week went and see if i need to do any tweaking!! It's o.k. i'm kind of a freak at the best of times ;)

So the thing i was looking at was sodium. Now i know i have high blood pressure although the dr is pretty sure it's hereditary. I'm already on a diuretic plus another medication for it and it is always right on where it should be when i go to the dr but i figure i really should be watching this. I didn't even know the numbers i should be looking for. So i looked it up and as far as i could find you should try to stick to under 2,400 mg/day.

I went back to check a few days in the last week or so and yep i've gone over that a few days. I don't use salt a lot but some of the foods i use have a lot in them.

hearty vegetable soup where i work-930 mg!!!!!
butterball turkey pepperoni-230 mg
low carb pita-480 mg wowsa's
7g of hormel bacon bits which is like a tsp 240 mg
lean cuisine ravioli which i'm taking for dinner tonight has 580
the ham that i love because it's only 60 cals for 3 slices has 310 mg

I've decided to keep track of my sodium and just see if eating a bit less makes a difference over a weeks time! Now i realize any one is way under 2,400 but after you add it all in a day it sure adds up and that's without using a salt shaker!!

I'll definitely post back in a couple of weeks and see how it's going.

Do you watch your sodium??


  1. I do watch my sodium. Luckily, I've never had problems with high blood pressure or anything, but I do watch it. I try to always choose low sodium canned items, not add salt to recipes and the such.

  2. sodium is one of the few things that I'm wholly unconcerned about.

    Partly because I have low blood pressure so I don't feel the need to worry about it, but also I must admit that I love salt and it REALLY wouldn't suit me to watch it.

  3. I do not actually count up my sodium intake for each day. However I am very cognizant of my sodium intake. I have found that I retain water like you wouldn't believe. I can tell when I've had a super high sodium meal, that my weight goes up or at the very least stays the same. I've had my weight jump up or down up to (and slightly over)2 pounds within one twenty-four hour period. There is no way it is anything other than sodium/water retention.

    I can't wait to see your 'official' test results though!

  4. I have normal to low blood pressure, and I have to admit that I do not pay attention to my sodium intake. I almost never add salt food to my food either.

  5. yeah youd be surprised where you can find a lot of sodium! but I dont really watch it. since I eat mostly natural whole foods, most things I eat dont contain much sodium if any at all. I think if its something typically present in your diet, it doesn affect the scale that much vs eating eating ligh on the sodium and then eating something packed with it like a frozen dinner. a little bit of sodium is actually good for you, just not a lot.

  6. I do keep an eye on sodium. Sugar alcohols can cause some water weight gain too. Be sure to drink lots of plain water to keep the salt flushed out of your system.

  7. I probably should... but I don't.

  8. I do not watch my sodium but probably should. I listen to Jillian Michael's podcast every week and a couple of weeks ago she had a caller asking about sodium. She said that unless you do have issues with high blood pressure that sodium is not really something you need to worry too much about. I was suprised to hear her say that. Then again, she's not a doctor.

  9. I'm sure I should, but I don't watch it. I'm not eating a lot of box foods right now, but you've made me curious to check out what I do eat! Great post!