Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekly weigh in and goal update

Well i got up this morning, my eyes look like a boxers after a great fight!! So i know a lot of my gain is from water weight i really retain water a lot, BUT a lot of it is also from nibbles here and there that i chose to have during the week!!

So i'm up 2.4 lbs to 142.0 ;( No i'm not very happy with that or with the choices i made.

But now i'm on to another week.

Here's what last weeks goals were:
1. Try some new weight exercises until i find ones that i really like or that work well. Last week i tried the lying side bend and i didn't like it so i replaced it with something else ;)No this didn't happen i did some weights this week but not as much as usual (wow this could also have given me a gain, sarcasm thrown in here ;)
2. Spend more time with hubby. I'm always on the go or on the computer, i need to take time to slow down and be with hubby ;) Did have some good quality time with hubby but still spent a lot of time on the comp!!
3. Plan my menus.This i actually did ;)
4. Keep up with the food journaling.I did this but didn't write down everything!!
5. Do my walks. And don't forget the bug spray!!!!!!
Nope didn't get anywhere near as many walks in an usual.

So what are my goals for this week ;) I'm going to keep it simple and do-able:

1. Drink at least 8 waters a day. Helps me with my water retention, even though i take a prescription diuretic.
2.Don't eat between meals or after dinner! This is a big help for me as snacks etc really are a trigger for binge eating.
3. Stop and think. Enough said ;)
4. No white sugar, white flour or white bread as these are also triggers for me.
5.Remember bottom line it's my choice, how will my week be this week?? Will i choose wisely??

So for this week it's back to basics which i'm hoping will give me the swift kick in the butt i need ;) Stay tuned next week to find out!


  1. hang in there...some weeks are better than others. but you can learn from all of them. Im sure the 2 pounds is from water weight, so just hang in there, work hard the next week, and stay focused on what you want and you will be happy with what you see.

  2. Posting your weekly goals is such a great way to be accountable to yourself. I am impressed! Way to go!

  3. I HATE water retention with a passion. I feel that lately I've been so bloated and 'retainy' (hey, I like that word!) that it's ridiculous! I'm thinking the temps and humidity affects me drastically!

    Thank you for your honesty with posting your goals for the week! ANd then updating it the next week. I actually do believe that I'm going to blatently copy you! (well, with my own goals!)

  4. Im joining in on the HUBBY TIME EFFORT from last week. and working to be PRESENT when I am.
    I cant do much white either at all. one bite for me makes me LONG for more. in an ugly way.

    weights: what area are you looking for new exercises in?

    tomorrows face time is a new lunge idea...