Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weekly weigh in and goal update

So while this past week wasn't my finest, it wasn't my worst either ;) This week's weigh in down -1.4 bringing me to 140.6.

Here are my goals from last week:
1. Drink at least 8 waters a day. Helps me with my water retention, even though i take a prescription diuretic.-yes my drinking water has been good this week.
2.Don't eat between meals or after dinner! This is a big help for me as snacks etc really are a trigger for binge eating.-let's just say not so good
3. Stop and think. Enough said ;)- i actually did stop and think but didn't always make the decision that would have been smarter ;)
4. No white sugar, white flour or white bread as these are also triggers for me.-i tried to stay away and did for the most part. But i could have done a lot better!
5.Remember bottom line it's my choice, how will my week be this week?? Will i choose wisely??
-It was my choice and i didn't choose as wisely as i would have liked

This weeks goals:
1. Keep drinking that water!!
2. track my sodium this week
3. stay as far away from the white stuff as possible ;)
4. walk at least 5 times this week
5. make better choices!!
6. stay relaxed and know that i can do it ;)

So since this is the beginning of september tomorrow my goal is to have a healthy month! To move more and to eat healthy foods and the nurture my body.
Do you have any new goals for september??


  1. Way to go on the loss girl! And your goals look great!

  2. great job this week! Sounds like you made great strides with your goals.

  3. hope you have a good week. mine better than last. keep going. me i have lost 22

  4. You are SO on track!! I need to set those kinds of goals and take it one week at a time, instead of micromanaging every meal OR trying to do this as a monthly thing. Congrats on the loss, too :)

  5. Great job on the loss! Those are very good goals!

  6. you know---I often STOP and still make the 'bad' 'wrong' WHATEVS choice.


    I stopped and made a CHOICE I didnt MINDLESSLY consume XYZ and, for me,thats a victory!

    just a thought.

  7. that is a great loss! I think your weekly goals HAVE to keep you on track. You put a lot of thought into your journey ;)