Monday, August 25, 2008

Well last night was smooth sailing! For a change i didn't have any cravings whatsoever and i managed to get all my water drinking in.

But i'm sure glad it's "my" weekend now ;) Today's plan? Catch up a little on cleaning around the house. Do a little reading. Watch a movie with hubby. Steak on the bbq and a nice glass of wine. What more can one ask for?

So far i'm hitting my goals 100%. I'm not a perfectionist but i'm riding a wave here ;) There's no stopping me now!!

1. Drank my water
2. Didn't eat after dinner
3. I did some serious thinking about how i eat and do the things i eat contribute to my health.
4. Didn't touch white flour or sugar or white bread.
5. Chose wisely!!

Hope everyone's having a nice Monday ;_)


  1. Sounds like you did well. Enjoy your "weekend"

  2. Sounds like your in the groove woman! keep it up!

  3. Wooo hoo! You are going strong! Keep it up with your goals this week and you'll have GREAT success!

    Have a wonderful 'weekend'!

  4. sounds fun....I want steak, movie and wine too. I haven't had any wine in 4 months........I thought it may hinder my loss and I tend to go a bit overboard. But it sounds good. I told hubby when I hit 60 lbs we are getting a good bottle!

  5. sounds fantastic! great job, definitely keep it up. enjoy your wine :)

  6. Sounds like all great things! Keep the pride feeling rolling girl!

  7. Good Monday here. A few too many sweets, but no evening snacks.

  8. Hey Spunky - that's awesome. It's fun to ride the wave isn't it!!!

  9. and the hubby?

    did you love up yer hubby?? (ok I know that was last week for you :) me? I tried to be extra loving...)