Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yesterday was such a wonderful day, i had such a great time with my walking group and spent some quality time with the hubs and daughter!! And the weather?? You spend $ to go somewhere to get great weather like that, well at least until it rained ;) But that was after the bbq. And thanks for all the nice posts about the cookie and the pictures. Mucho appreciated ;)

Today i was supposed to go to a meeting where they were supplying lunch, i was debating whether to put a few healthy things to eat in my backpack in case there were no healthy choices there. But late last night got an e-mail that the meeting was cancelled ;) So once again a healthy lunch is in my future.

Exercise today is a weight workout:
3x12 lunges holding 10 lb weights
3x12 bridges with 10 lb
3x12 shoulder press with 10 lbs
3x12 lying triceps 10 lbs
3 boat poses
try (maybe) walking plank

So here's to another nice day and it's not even calling for rain!!


  1. Yeah for the healthy lunch, but good for you to have a plan for just in case! The weather here yesterday resembled Beijing! I was scared to go outside.

  2. the weather here is much nicer too :) It makes life so much more enjoyable. Just a few weeks ago, it felt like an oven ;) I pulled weeds with the kids in the flower bed at noon and was enjoying the cool breeze

  3. damn.
    I love happy healthy upbeat posts!
    have a great wednesday as well.

  4. Hi Suzi!
    Thank you for stopping by and the wonderful,sweet supportive comment. Glad things are going well for you. It's nice to see such positive posts!! And many congrats on the HUGE weight loss! Go Suzi, go!