Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Being grateful

This morning it finally hit me how scared i was this week when hubby had his heart attack!!

I'm always the strong one.
I'm the one that keeps everything together.
I'm the one in control.

Well this week that all flew out the window!! It hit me like a brick.

I was at work and coming home to an empty house. Now everyday that i've been with him hubs has a cup of tea ready for me after i finish work, he also comes and walks me home from work!! For the first time there was no tea and i walked home alone in tears.

I cannot put into words how much i love and appreciate my hubby for the the little things he does to show his love but for just always being there for me, for never yelling at me and for always only having only good things to say about me!!

Love you babe :-)


  1. You have had a rough week! Take the time for a good cry now that he is home, safe and sound! You deserve it!

    And just smile and be thankful for such a man in your life!

  2. What a sweet post! Your husband is a very lucky man (and you sound lucky too).

  3. What a blessed lady you are to have a man that inspires such a sweet post!

    I am sure you will have to go through a process of emotional ups and downs after this crisis....don't fight it. Cry when you need to, for example.

  4. Sometimes we take for granted what we have until we realize it is no longer around. Your hubby sounds like mine and after your post I need to tell him how special he is to me! Thanks for sharing. I am glad he is doing better and your life is moving on. Keep up the goos work with you weight loss.

  5. hubby and I were apart about a year ago for about 3 weeks. I started missing everything about him. Even the messes he would leave around....yes, I missed his dirty clothes on the floor ;)

    Take the time and tell him what he means to you!

  6. love this post.
    live this post as well.
    we are lucky huh?

  7. Keep taking care of yourself. I'm thinking of you! I "refound" your blog today. I lost all my links. :o(