Friday, September 26, 2008


Well i think my scales are totally screwed up!! Hubby gets up weigh's in and it's a nice number. Has to go to the bathroom. Not going to get graphic here but lets just say he definitely weighs less after that!! And the scale is up 2 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the heck!! And then he steps on again and it's down 1 lb. So i guess it's off to the store to buy a new scale.

Does this mean that my weigh in's have been wrong?? I'm almost scared to check!!

I almost thought that last week's weigh in was a fluke because it was such a drop and just for that day. The following days it was going down a bit from the number before but was way higher than my weigh in.

I guess i'm just going to have to go with the numbers and hopefully they're not too far off :(

Update: Have i said that i love my new scale ;) It's showing me weighing less than the old one!! And it has a memory that keeps track from one day to the next!!


  1. if it's a digital, maybe change the batteries?

  2. How do the clothes fit? That is usually a pretty solid indicator. I would probably get a new scale as well! Have a nice weekend!

  3. Good idea about the batteries. GIve that a try and see if it's consistent. If not, then I'd go and get a new one for sure!

  4. you know me.

    whats shakin in that department?

  5. Um, yeah. Scale not my friend either. I would weigh myself repeatedly throughout the day and would fluctuate +/- 5 pounds. Then I gave up on the scale. That thing drove me batty!

  6. And the winner is... YOU! Check out my blog for a very special surprise!

  7. Very glad to hear that you like the new scale and that it is weighin you 'nicer'! That is always a huge plus! HEY, maybe I should go buy a new scale myself! OH wait, mine is dead on with the doctor and the weight watchers scales...shucks!