Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I surprised myself ;)

Well i'd already planned my lunch today which was going to be a healthy sandwich, some veggies and a slimfast muffin. No problem and i would have been fine with that.
However, i went to the grocery store today and picked up some awesome plums and plouts and apples!!
So lunch time comes and i've got my nice sandwich ready, some carrots cut up and i'm thinking to myself "you know i'd much rather have 2 sweet plums than the muffin bar" Now where did that come from?? Was that actually me ;)
I impressed myself!!

Anyway on to my day. This morning i went to a final meeting to plan an annual picnic that's happening next week!! I forsee many good times in my future ;)

Of course i'll get walk #2 for the week on the way there!!

Tonight we've invited my daughters step-sister to come for a bbq. And i just found out her boyfriend is coming too ;) They don't get to see each other very often so that should be mucho fun.

And i have to dye my hair today!!

Hope everyone else is having as good a day as i am ;)


  1. looks like the day is off to great start! Keep it going! :)

  2. Hope the rest of your day is as great as the first part!

  3. your day is just a rockin'! And nothing makes a woman feel better than some good hair dye ;P

  4. you have the same stylist I do!

    your hands :)

    I laugh that Im still waiting to go gray but heard that if one dyes the hair the SAME COLOR it shall plump up the hair shaft and make the hair look thicker.

    TMI? perhaps :)

    but Im longing for luscious hair so Ill try anything! (reason number 2342647 for my OMEGA 3's)


  5. Good job on eating the plums. Have fun with the bbq and enjoy dying your hair. What color are you going?