Saturday, September 13, 2008

I was tagged

Yesterday i was tagged by the wonderful patty !! Here i go, however i'm not going to tag anyone unless you want to answer the meme ;)

Tag you're it, meme:

1. Where was i 10 years ago?

Well i was living in the same town on the 14 th floor of a high rise. I was just leaving a job that had major stress for another job right across the road ;) My kids were only 12 and 10!!

2. What is on my to do list for today?

Well i would like to go walk the route for my race walk this month but it's supposed to pour with rain so i may have to do it on monday.
I need to catch up with the house chores (what else is new)
I'm making a new recipe called chocobrans!
Since i'm helping to co-ordinate a volunteer picnic on tuesday i have to get the games reading which includes drilled holes in some buckets ;)
I want to watch the new jackie chan, jet li movie tonight.
Need to run to the drug store today.
Since i have the day off i think after all this i'll lay back and vegetate ;)

3. What would i do if i were a billionaire?

Pay of my bills, lol
Set my children up with homes, cars etc
Go traveling for a long time
Donate some to where i volunteer because i think they do an awesome job.
At christmas i'd like to annonymously donate to some needy families.
I'm sure lots more but i just woke up ;)

4. Five places i've lived:

Bournemouth England where i was born and raised
Corfe Castle England
Owen Sound, ontario, Canada
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
That's it folks!!

5. Bad Habits

I'm totally unorganized in almost every way.
I put things off until it's impossible to anymore or i've forgotten about it.
I do complain about things too much! I need to get over it.
I never finish anything
I eat way to many sweet things (although it hasn't been too bad lately)
my worst habit was smoking but i quit years ago!

That's all folks!!


  1. my favorite is the one I dream about often.........if I had more money! Life would be easier in so many ways but I think struggling has made me appreciate the basics and simple pleasures in life ;)

  2. I love your post today. Those are great questions! I might do the same on my blog. I look forward to checking in on your blog often!

  3. I think you give yourself too little credit. You must be at least a little bit organized. How else could you prepare the delicious meals you photograph and post on your Daily Nosh? That blog amazes me.

  4. Great answers, Suzi! I did not know you were born in England - Great Britain is tops on my wishlist of places to visit.

    Thanks for playing!

  5. LOL we have almost all the same bad habits XD
    Like mother like daughter I guess ^^;