Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The munchies

Last night while watching a movie with the hubs i had the munchies, i wasn't really hungry just wanted something, anything!!

So what did i pick??
1/2c multigrain cheerios, 1/2c special k cinnamon pecan, and a tsp of mini chocolate chips thrown in to splurge ;) And you know what, i enjoyed every last bite.

Now comes the strange part, i actually was mad at myself on the one hand because i really didn't need anything else on the other hand i was proud that at least i didn't binge and i ate something half way healthy ;) Now does that make sense??

Sometime i just shake my head and cannot figure out this healthy eating thing, other times i think i've got it down pat!!

And the scale? Don't get me started. I'm one of those people who can fluctuate up and down 2lbs on any given day!!

Oh well. I'm now going to focus on getting ready for the picnic and i'm going to go have some fun and eat a veggie burger ;)


  1. Totally makes sense. I understand your split personality because I do the same ;-)

  2. it makes TOTAL SENSE.

    hope the picnic is funfunfun.


  3. Sounds like a great snack. Sorry I haven't been around.

  4. you snack like I do..an extra spoonful of cereal there,etc. which isnt really bad at all! beats doritoes and all that bad stuff. and nothing wrong with a healthy snack when you have the munchies.

  5. Great pick on the snack!

    Better to tame the munchies with something healthy than to try to talk them away....they just get stronger - then you might have given in to the unhealthy choices.