Friday, September 26, 2008

My schedule for today....

This morning i'm off to pick up some groceries, i find it funny that i'm out of all my veggies because the daughter and the hubby have suddenly turned into rabbits :-)

When i get back i'm going on the stationary bike. And i hope to get some cleaning done!!

Then it's off to work and those stupid cookies :)

While i'm at work the nurse will come to make sure hubby is doing alright, although i'm thinking that his being back on the bike for a short slow 10 mins inside is a good indication that all is well in his world!!

And now for the scary part: i have to pick up my goodie bag for the race saturday morning before work!! I must admit i'm getting a little nervous about this. Part of me is excited and part of me thinks that i'll make a fool of myself.

And when it's all over and done with they say there are taking pictures of the finish line so i'm hoping to get one online that i can put on here to show i've actually done it!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. I had to read this part a few times: "the daughter and the hubby have suddenly turned into rabbits"

    Serves me right for having a filthy mind.

  2. What race are you running this weekend? Good luck!


  3. Oh, be sure to get pics!!! Embrace the cookies.....just not in your tummy! And, good luck on feeing all the rabbits in your house!

  4. Good luck in your race this weekend!I am not a runner and admire those of you who do them.

    Have a great weekend!