Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh well :0(

How nice of TOM to visit the day before my weekly weigh in!! So this week i'm up 2.2 lbs ;( Oh well it will be off again this week.

How did last weeks goals go??
1. walk 5x this week increasing my speed and leaving my camera at home a couple of times so i can work on speed. Hard to do when you stop to take pictures ;) And i have to get ready for the race.-pretty sure i only got out on 4 walks but i had great walks considering.
2. Stay with tracking my food!-yes i did
3. Enjoy life savor the little things that happen.-the last couple of weeks i have been a lot more laid back which is a good thing!!
4. If eating things that aren't as healthy as i would like try to enjoy a reasonable serving and then STOP!! (This is a big one for me)-No i didn't do well on this, i will work on this again this week!!
5. Smile at the people i meet. Sometimes i get a little crusty ;(
This i get at A+++++

This weeks goals i'm keeping it simple:
1. journal
2. exercise focusing on speed for walking
3. drink water
4. enjoy life
5. take lots of photo's especially at the volunteer picnic on tuesday.
6. allow myself to accept and enjoy the support and compliments i get on my blog ;)

Well that's it for this update! What are your plans??


  1. love your goals and then your follow up on them. I need to set weekly goals like this, thanks for the idea and for your comments on my blog :-)

  2. great job this week, despite that darn TOM! TOM always ruins my weighins too, so just deal with it while its there, and I know youll see a nice drop on the scale when its gone.

  3. Keep on smiling. This week I am just going to continue on the healthy path and not miss my strength training days....I was a little lazy with it last week

  4. good for you. I'm going to be working on eating more often and healthier.

  5. You did really well with your goals!! Smiling makes EVERYONES day better, especially yours :)

  6. I always appreciate your upbeat attitude!

    I like your idea of writing down your goals for the week then going back and evaluating how well you kept them.

    My first goal would have to be to remember to go back and evaluate. Wait, no it wouldn't...first I'd have to learn to remember that I made goals for the week! LOL

  7. Darn TOM!!! Keep your chin up...that is an easy fix...time really does heal that one!

    Sounds like you are making some positive progress with your weekly goals Keep up the great ROCK!

  8. Good for you!

    I did great having specific exercise goals last week, so I'm going to do it again this week. Whee!