Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pic's of the picnic!!

Had an awesome time!! Unfortunately lunch wasn't as good as i had to wait forever to get a veggie burger and when i finally got it, it wasn't very good so i ate maybe a 1/4 of it!! However i did have some watermelon and cherry tomatoes ;) I managed to stay clear of the sweets.

I did however do a lot of running around! Plus i was in the water balloon toss, the hula hoop (of which i failed miserably), and officiated the egg race and the water bucket race ;)


  1. Wow good job on staying on track! I think with all those yummy looking sweets, I would have had a hard time! You rock!

  2. What a wonderful victory to actually say "this doesn't taste excellent, so i'm not going to mindlessly eat it anyway!" On the same note, I'm sorry it didn't taste superb!

  3. The day looks like it was a blast! I have to admit that those plates of goodies look a little too delicious!
    Good on you for sticking to your plan. You're a stronger woman than most! :o)