Thursday, September 25, 2008

Strong again!

I'm feeling a lot stronger this week ;) My eating is great, my exercising is coming along.
I have my 5 km walking race this Sunday. And my daily life is more back to normal :)

But also my body feels stronger!! Now the scale isn't showing it that much, in fact since my last weigh in my weight is up. But my clothes seem to be looser and i feel great ;)
What more can you ask for mid-week?

Oh and a NSV last night. At work this week there's a major sale on these gigantic chocolate chunk cookies with smiley faces on them, all proceeds go to charity. Now i usually buy some and bring them home, i also usually eat several at work. Last night i really wanted one but resisted the urge and i definitely didn't bring any home. And this is what we have to wear to work all this week:


Oh and in case i haven't said i start my holidays on Sunday ;-)


  1. sounds like you are really energized! I bet muscle has taken the place of the fat and that's what's going on with the scale. Do you measure inches?

  2. Wow you rock!! You should be feeling totally empowered with how you are doing! Keep going! :-)

  3. Good job on resisting the cookies! And Annette is likely right - muscle is taking the place of fat. The way your clothes fit is probably a better indicator than the scale right now.

    Glad life is getting back to "normal". How's hubby?

  4. Wooohooo good job on resisting the cookie. Great shirt by the way! You are a very strong person...glad that you are starting to notice.

  5. wow if I had to wear that all day, I would be shoving those in my mouth! great job resisting!

  6. you are energized.

    and STRONG.

    especially in that COOKIE NSV WAY.

    have a great weekend.

  7. Good for you for resisting the Smile cookie! And you work there!! My coworker has been getting at least, at least!, one a day. Yikes.

    Good luck with your 5k on Sunday!