Monday, September 15, 2008

Todays plan

Well today i'm catching up on the house ;) It's about time!!
This afternoon i have my walking group and as a treat i'm going to pick up the new vivanno at starbucks after ;)

Hubby has a cold so i plan on pampering him a bit. That's one of the reasons we're having macaroni and cheese tonight!!

Have to get a few things ready for the annual picnic tomorrow. This is a picnic for people with mental health issues that i volunteer with. I'm just hoping we have no rain for it!!
Lots of fun, egg races, water balloon toss, water bucket races, hula hoops ;) Will be taking pictures for sure ;)

Looking forward to tomorrow as the biggest loser families starts. You know i'll be watching t.v. for a change. Anyone else plan on watching it??


  1. Sure plan on watching The Biggest Loser tomorrow! Did you catch DR. Phil ast Thursday and Friday? He is doing a weight loss challenge as well. Not sure why, but these types of shows helkp keep me motivated, even though I know there is a lot behind the scenes going on that makes them lose faster than I wver will! But that's OK. Keepup the good work. Have fun at your picnic, can't wait to see pics!

  2. I might torrent the biggest loser... no TV yet (besides we're in Ireland so it probably wouldn't be showing until later in the year)

    But I need some motivation!

  3. ooooh.

    I have a cold.

    come pamper me too please!!


  4. Oh yeah! I'll be perched on the couch with my water jug beside me glued to the tv tomorrow night. I've also tivo'd it, just in case something comes up and I would miss it. (don't know what would keep me away...but hey, it's my turn to tivo something or a change!)

    The show keeps me so motivated. I've been watching the austrialian seasons on youtube this summer!

  5. What a good wifey... major brownie points coming your way! I =)

    I plan on watching BL this year. Luckily I just got a DVR, so I can watch it the next day. I'm an early bird since I have to be at work before the butt crack of dawn!! =)